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So I just received a mail from Blue Cross/Blue Shield addressed to "Joia Oia".
they've been sending me these 'not-a-bill's for several years, and this is the first time they screwed my name up...

I suppose I should thank whomever was working desk a couple of days ago and could figure out that it should be forwarded to me.
(Not that I think there's any alum with last name Oia)
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Since it has been over a year

I thought I would post something completely random. Maybe I'll post all "I've made cookies" announcements here and then keep them for the next 6 months until someone comes across it.

Anywho, I'm stuck at desk listening to a commercial for "one-a-day men's for the man in my life" and watching Enterprise which has to be the absolute worse series of Star Trek in the world.

i3 was finished today. You should watch it if you haven't.

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Driving through Oklahoma today I noticed an exit sign with the speed limit of 17mph. I wanted to take a picture but it went by too fast... and you can't really turn around on the highway. They also had signs saying the fine for failure to pay a toll was $117.

Hi, I'm a random alum, class of 98 for those who won't know me. Currently driving cross-country on my way out to California for a new job!
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